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Breasts come in all sizes and shapes and you might find yourself wishing that they could be larger, smaller, rounder, firmer, or, if you’ve had a baby, you may wish they could be the way they were before you became a mother. With breast augmentation, you can improve your breasts’ size and shape, giving a you a better-proportioned appearance and improving your self-esteem. Breast augmentation is commonly performed with silicone breast implants or saline breast implants.

Am I a good candidate for Breast Augmentation?

You may be a good candidate for Breast Augmentation if:

  • Your breasts are unevenly sized
  • Your breasts sag after significant weight loss
  • Your breasts have become flatter after you’ve had children
  • Your outfit tops and bottoms are different sizes
  • You feel self-conscious about the size of your breasts

The Procedure

Breast Augmentation typically lasts one to two hours and is usually performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made in inconspicuous places on the breasts to hide the incision scars, often in the armpits, in the creases on the undersides of the breasts, or around the areolas.


You will feel tired and sore for several days, but many patients return to work within a week or so. Dr. Jejurikar will usually place dissolvable sutures that will not require removal after surgery. Any pain, swelling and sensitivity will diminish over the first few weeks and your scars will fade over the next several months.

Dr. Jejurikar will be happy to consult with you personally to address any of your questions or concerns. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jejurikar or for more information about our services, please contact our office directly at 214.827.2814.

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